Soul Fray (2016)

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Five young adults suddenly find themselves hunted by a malevolent entity, and must pull together to survive until dawn.

Santa & Andrés (2016)

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The story of an improbable friendship between a revolutionary country girl and a noncompliant gay writer she has to watch over for three consecutive days.

Roller Life (2016)

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America's fastest growing sport is finally a sport dominated by women. Follow the Brewcity Bruisers...

92 Seconds (2016)

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This documentary follows the mysteries surrounding the prohibition of marijuana, the privatized prison...

The Trigger (2016)

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Hustler ERIC COYLE, 19, has secured early release from prison by informing on his drug dealer, BENNIE...

Blur Circle (2016)

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Jill Temple is a single mother still grieving the loss of her young son after he disappeared two years ago...

Fell, Jumped or Pushed (2016)

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Fell, Jumped, or Pushed is a romantic mockumentary that digs into the bizarre real-life disappearance of Sgt. Elmo Warrick. It is an utter bastardization of reality TV mixed with a healthy dose of early Christopher Guest.

The View from Tall (2016)

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17 year-old Justine is having the worst year of her life, when she finds an unlikely lifeline in her disabled therapist.

Before the Flood (2016)

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A look at how climate change affects our environment and what society can do prevent the demise of endangered species, ecosystems and native communities across the planet.

I'm Not Ashamed (2016)

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Based on the inspiring and powerful true story and journal entries of Rachel Joy Scott- the first student killed in the Columbine high school shooting in 1999.

Apocalypse Child (2016)

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The film is set in surfing town of Baler where Ford who is wasting his youth away. Named after Francis Ford Coppola. As another surfing season is ending, he is forced to confront his past, including the myths and myths about his life.

Das Versprechen (2016)

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They were an unlikely couple - Jens Soering, the geeky son of a German diplomat and Elizabeth Haysom...

The Promise (2016)

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They were an unlikely couple - Jens Soering, the geeky son of a German diplomat and Elizabeth Haysom...

Shivaay (2016)

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Shivaay is a Himalayan mountaineer who is an innocent and yet is capable of transforming into a mean destroyer when he needs to protect his family.

Child Eater (2016)

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A simple night of babysitting takes a horrifying turn when Helen realizes the boogeyman really is in little Lucas' closet.

Gehenna: Where Death Lives (2016)

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A group visits Saipan to search for locations for their company's newest resort. As they find what they think is the perfect spot...

The Great Divide (2016)

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John Labell and Mary Fletcher were once in love, or so they thought, until they left one another's arms...

Saturday Scout Club (2016)

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A singer songwriter meets a Hollywood actress at his show in a Midwest town. An undeniable bond develops as their adventure leads them through rust-belt bohemia, but they only have Saturday.

Something Unorthodox (2016)

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Something Unorthodox is a short film about Carol Rosen, a 35 year old Jewish wife and mother, who reaches...

Bizarre: A Circus Story (2016)

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An intimate look at the extraordinary life of Master Lu Yi, hailed as the father of modern acrobatics, and the vast community of big-top lovers who share his dream of a thriving US circus industry.

Saint Nicholas (2016)

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Nicholas De La Cruz is a high powered defense attorney, who is also a functioning addict. While preparing to defend a childhood friend...

Janitors (2016)

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Three struggling friends find a scandalous video that could finally lift them from working class stiffs...

Toxic Apocalypse (2016)

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Danny's father, a pioneering research scientist, has disappeared. Suspecting foul-play, Danny goes undercover at the research centre where he worked...

Dreams I Never Had (2016)

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A teenage girl is held captive in the home of a wealthy family. She is befriended by the family's young gardener...