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Nanny's Nightmare (2017)

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The Good Nanny: When strong-willed Summer Pratt takes a job at a beautiful estate as the new nanny to a sweet but sad little girl named Sophie...

The Good Nanny (2017)

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Nanny's Nightmare (original title): When strong-willed Summer Pratt takes a job at a beautiful estate as the new nanny to a sweet but sad little girl named Sophie...

Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time (2017)

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Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time: In a madcap future era, the world's greatest secret agent struggles to rescue his young son from the clutches of his infamous former mentor.

One Percent More Humid (2017)

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A pair of childhood friends reunite during their summer break from college and deal with a traumatizing experience from their past.

Fluidic (2013)

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An elliptical tale of three couples who are magnetically drawn together. Love becomes electric as they struggle to connect, disconnect, or reconnect with their partner.

Manje Bistre (2017)

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Manje Bistre: While getting prepared for his sister's wedding, a young man attempts to woo a girl whose marriage to another man has already been fixed.

National Theatre Live: Obsession (2017)

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National Theatre Live Obsession: A drifter falls for a married woman at road side diner and the two plot to kill her husband.

The Judas Run (2017)

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A small-time hustler steals a mysterious device and becomes the focus of a government manhunt and a pair of contract killers.

Dynasty (2017)

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Dynasty: A modernized reboot of the 1980's primetime soap opera, 'Dynasty'.

Biswa Mast Aadmi (2017)

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Biswa Mast Aadmi: Does mast aadmi have swag? He do. Does mast aadmi have jokes? Many. Is mast aadmi coming to your city? Soon. Should you book tickets? YOLO.

Blame! (2017)

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Blame!: In the distant technological future, civilization has reached its ultimate Net-based form. An "infection"...

Giselle: Belle of the Ballet (2017)

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Giselle Belle of the Ballet: Tamara Rojo, dancer and artistic director of English National Ballet, explores Giselle - the first great Romantic ballet...

Genesis (2016)

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Genesis: Based on the first book of the Bible, Genesis is a sweeping and poetic look at the beginning of man's relationship with God...

Endless Poetry (2016)

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Poesía sin fin (original title): Through Alejandro Jodorowsky's autobiographical lens, Endless Poetry narrates the years of the Chilean artist's youth during which he liberated himself from all of his former limitations, from his family, and was introduced into the foremost bohemian artistic circle of 1940s Chile where he met Enrique Lihn, Stella Díaz Varín, Nicanor Parra... at the time promising young but unknown artists who would later become the titans of twentieth-century Hispanic literature. He grew inspired by the beauty of existence alongside these beings, exploring life together, authentically and freely. A tribute to Chile's artistic heritage, Endless Poetry is also an ode to the quest for beauty and inner truth, as a universal force capable of changing one's life forever, written by a man who has dedicated his life and career to creating spiritual and artistic awareness across the globe.

Alena (2016)

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Alena: When Alena arrives at her new elite boarding school, Filippa and the other girls start to harass her. But Alena's best friend Josefin won't let her take anymore beating. If she won't strike back, Josefin will do it for her. Hard.

A Silent Voice (2016)

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Koe no katachi (original title): The story revolves around Nishimiya Shoko, a grade school student who has impaired hearing. She transfers into a new school...

Exorcism of the 7th Demon (2017)

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Exorcism of the 7th Demon: After a possession led to his daughter's suicide, Michael has made it his mission to save others from the same fate. Struggling with faith and purpose, he takes on Satan's army and the the demons that seek his demise.

Strip Club Massacre (2017)

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Strip Club Massacre: A young woman starting a new life is forced to take extreme measures against those around her after things go violently awry.

Mommy Dead and Dearest (2017)

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Mommy Dead and Dearest" In this documentary, the murder of Deedee Blanchard by her daughter Gypsey Rose is explored, as well as the circumstances leading up to the event.

12 Pound Balls (2017)

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12 Pound Balls: It takes BALLS to win. At least that's what the local bowling clubs in idyllic Warroad, Minnesota used to say...

Cold Zone (2017)

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Cold Zone: A storm is coming. No one could predict it. No one can measure it.Now one family must survive it. You can't come in from the cold.

The Day the Dinosaurs Died (2017)

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The Day the Dinosaurs Died: The Day The Dinosaurs Died investigates the greatest vanishing act in the history of our planet - the sudden disappearance of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

Generation Iron 2 (2017)

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Generation Iron 2: Filmmaker Vlad Yudin follows several body builders as they struggle to find success in a competitive industry.

An American Girl Story - Ivy & Julie 1976 A Happy Balance (2017)

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An American Girl Story Ivy And Julie 1976 A Happy Balance: Set in 1976 San Francisco, Ivy Ling is a Chinese-American who struggles to find a balance between her two cultural identities...